For those who want to protect the look of their vehicle, a car cover is the answer. Even if you keep your car in the garage, the dust alone means that you will have to clean it more often. A car cover protects it from the ultraviolet rays and elements on the outside while keeping away the dust, dirt and debris while being kept in the garage.

In addition to the exterior paint job, there is the interior of your vehicle as well. A car cover will keep the UV rays of the sun off of your seats, dashboard and other places where it can damage the materials inside. Plus, it will keep the vinyl leather from dehydrating in the direct sunlight as well. In fact, a car cover while your car is being stored outside even offers some protection against theft. After all, a person looking for a joyride is not going to fool with trying to take off a cover.

What To Look For In A Car Cover

The first step is finding the right material that matches how you store your vehicle. An indoor cover can be simple and light because all it is doing is keeping the dust and dirt off of your car. An outdoor cover is going to be heavier and arguably with padding to help protect the vehicle from damage due to the elements.

The type of cover should also match the general weather conditions present in your area of the country if you are keeping your vehicle outside. For wet, humid regions, you’ll want a cover that can dry quickly and is breathable so that all the moisture will evaporate. For dry, hot conditions, maximum UV protection is the key. In any case, you’ll want a cover that is light and easy to use so that you’ll not be discouraged from using it on a daily basis.

The Universal Car Cover

A true “one-size-fits-all” cover, the universal cover actually does not really fit any vehicle, but it can be adjusted. A universal cover is arguably more versatile since you are more likely to get one made from the materials and in the color that you want.

However, a universal car cover may not be right for your particular vehicle and there is no real way to know until you buy it and try it. If anything, it usually is considerably cheaper than a custom car cover.

The Custom Car Cover

A customized cover provides you with a tight fit for the vehicle, including places for the antenna while fitting the form of your car. If you have a car with a complex exterior, such as extended mirrors, antenna, bumpers, lip and so forth, then a custom cover may be the only real choice. However, a custom cover is also more expensive and may not be available in the type of material or color that you desire.

In the end, it is the material that is really important, so getting either a custom or universal cover will depend on if the material matches how you store your vehicle.

Auto & Motorcycle Parts

In addition to getting a car cover, you may want to shop around for custom aftermarket auto parts such as spoilers, lip, grilles, bumpers, trunk, hood and other custom modifications made from carbon fiber materials. The same is true for motorcycle parts and bike accessories such as side covers, panel, clutch and protectors as well. You can find them all right here at prices that will fit your budget.