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About Ferrari

Ferrari is one of the most recognizable names in automotive manufacturing. The Ferrari is synonymous with speed, style and performance, racking up a considerable amount of trophies for its racing cars and in sales for its road vehicles. With designs that usually feature a large engine bay to hold the considerable engine, Ferrari’s are common all over the world and instantly recognizable thanks to their unique design and logo. One of the oldest high performance automotive manufactures still producing today, Enzo Ferrari founded his company in 1929. Initially known as “Scuderia Ferrari”, the emphasis was on creating race cars for the first 18 years of production. After World War 2, Ferrari production moved to the manufacturing of street legal vehicles. The 1947 “125S” was the first of the Ferrari road cars and sported a powerful V12 engine. Ferrari continued to expand on the high performance autos for the next two decades. In 1969, Fiat purchased 50% of the Ferrari stock which results in an increase of Ferrari models and production. Enzo Ferrari lived just long enough to see the release of the famed Ferrari F40 in 1988, perhaps the most famous of all the Ferrari line of vehicles.

Impact of Carbon Fiber Parts on Ferrari Design

Carbon fiber represents one of the most important advances in technology for all types of vehicles. However, high performance cars such as those manufactured by Ferrari have enjoyed a considerable gain in particular. Thanks to the twill weave design, carbon fiber parts are twice as strong as their steel counterparts, yet are less than 1/4th the weight. This decrease in weight combined with added strength and increased impact resistance allows for greater speed, performance and handling while maintaining the overall integrity of the vehicle.

The Ferrari Accessories and Parts in carbon fiber available for Ferrari models, as well as other high performance vehicles include, but are not limited to the following; Air Scoop Duct Intake, Eye Lids & Eyebrows, Mirror Covers Shells covers, Interior Dash Panel, Interior Door Panel, Rear Trunk Spoiler Lip, Rear Roof Visor Spoiler, Rear Boot Wing Spoiler, Back Bumper Diffuser Lip, Engine Bay Cover, plus more. With sales continuing to grow, the popularity of the Ferrari is still quite high, especially considering the purchases of aftermarket parts. With the hunger for high performance vehicles only growing, Ferrari has established its place in the automotive world of sleek, stylish and high quality autos.

The Ferrari 458

There is little doubt that when Luca di Montezemolo presents the successor to the 430 Scuderia in the vaunted Ferrari line of high performance vehicles at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show in September, 2013, the reaction will be nothing short of spectacular. The Ferrari 458 Speciale is certainly one of the most impressive high performance cars ever designed and constructed.

Utilizing all the latest advances in technology, the Ferrari 458 is a spectacular combination of aerodynamic construction combined with lighter weight materials that brings out the best in overall speed, handling, torque and performance that is expected from the Ferrari family. There are a number of reasons why this particular vehicle is so special, but a significant amount of the credit is due to the use of advanced carbon fiber technology.

Carbon Fiber & Ferrari 458 Speciale

The advancement of carbon fiber technology is no secret. Over the past decade the introduction of twill weave construction has allowed carbon fiber parts to attain more that twice the strength of steel, yet be less than 1/4th the weight. In addition, the twill weave allows the carbon fiber to be more impact resistant than steel as well.

The Ferrari 458 has plenty of carbon fiber or CF parts that subtract a significant amount of weight from the vehicle while enhancing the overall power, performance and torque. The number of carbon fiber parts included on the Ferrari 458 includes, but is not limited to, the following;

Interior Dash Panels

Front Bumper Fin Lip

Rear Bumper Diffuser

Side Door Mirrors

In fact, the overall weight of the Ferrari 458 is 2844 pounds which is 198 pounds less than the 458 Italia model. Because there is less weight to move, the Italia’s 4.5 liter, V8 engine can utilize more of its 597 hp and 398 pounds-foot of torque. This vehicle reaches its peak at 9000 rpm and the maximum torque capacity at 6000 rpm.

The Speed of the Ferrari 458

The incredible V8 engine can fly at 133 hp per liter, which basically translates into going from 0 to 62 mph is precisely three seconds. For those who want a little more speed, the Ferrari 458 can accelerate from 0 to 124 mph is just over nine seconds.

The intense acceleration is augmented by the sleek, aerodynamic design which gets the most out of its engine and carbon fiber parts as well. In fact, the lateral acceleration of 1.3 g’s is the best that any Ferrari model has ever achieved.

In addition, the Michelin Pilot Sport 2 rubber and Side Slip Angle Control system works with the vehicle’s traction ability and electronic differential for better grip on the road to increase performance. On the testing track, the Ferrari 458 bested the Italia by 1.5 seconds, although it still trails the vaunted V12berlinetta by just a tick of the clock.

Scopione is an independent company that supplies carbon fiber parts to Ferrari and many other types of vehicles. These carbon fiber parts are lighter and stronger than their steel counterparts, resulting in greater overall performance.