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This powerful mid-size luxury crossover first released in 2008, the BMW X6 series has proven to be one of the most popular Sports Activity Coupé (SAC) designs of the past decade. Featuring the classic exterior look that unmistakably BMW, the X6 series combines the attributes of SUVs with the bold styling, aerodynamic components and sloping roof of a coupe that have made this line very popular indeed.

Featuring a room interior with the classic luxury BMWs are well known for combined with the unmistakable exterior the X6 series represents the top of the line when it comes to quality for crossover vehicles. With many different options ranging from coupe to convertible and more, the X6 has certainly made its mark.

BMW X6 E71 F16 Body Frames

E71: Introduced in late 2009, the E71 series was boasting as being the most powerful production hybrid on the planet. The ActiveHybrid design can run on the gasoline engine, batteries or a combination of both. With fantastic acceleration for a hybrid design, the E71 has been quite popular since its debut.

F16: Released in 2008, this version packs all the advanced technical modifications of the times while sporting a pleasing aesthetic design. Incorporating LED lights, carbon fiber parts, and many other modifications, this version has been quite popular over the years.

The BMW X6 Models Line

The BMW X6 sports ten different models that boast all types of features, optional packages and different designs.

  • X6 xDrive30d
  • X6 xDrive35d
  • X6 xDrive40d
  • X6 M50d
  • X6 xDrive35i
  • xDrive48i
  • X6 xDrive50i
  • X6 4.8i,
  • X6 M
  • X6 ActiveHybridX6

In addition, the high performance “M” series launched in 2009 features an all-wheel drive system, automatic transmissions and a more powerful engine as well. With accelerating speeds going from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, the “M” versions are quite respectable in the speed department.

BMW Front Kidney Grilles

It almost goes without saying that the famed BMW kidney grille is part of the X6 line. Crafted from carbon fiber, it is lightweight, yet very strong and durable. The distinctive look of the grille is just one more important component of the X6 line.

BMW X6 and Carbon Fiber Technology

The advancement of carbon fiber technology has been incorporated into the X6 series. Tiny carbon fiber strands are combined in a twill weave pattern by the thousands to create auto parts that are very lightweight, yet highly impact resistant and more than twice as strong as steel. The carbon fiber or CF auto parts available for the X-line include a rear bumper diffuser and side door mirrors.

Scopione carbon fiber automotive parts are available for many different makes and models of vehicles, including BMW. Scopione is one the leading independent retailers of carbon fiber auto parts in the world.