Worst Mistakes you can make in Vehicle Maintenance

We all want to take care of our vehicle, but all too often we are guilty of making terrible mistakes that actually shorten the running life of our car or truck. What follows are the ten most common mistakes that many people make when taking care of their vehicle.

Ignoring Warning Lights

We all do it, but it is still a mistake. Once you notice a warning light, check it out as soon as possible.

Failing to tighten the Oil Filter

Unless your oil filter is tight, it is going to leak oil which means that your engine could seize up and that is not good. Be sure your oil filter is tight.

Not unhooking the Battery

Are you working on the electrical system of your vehicle? If so, be sure to unhook the battery. Otherwise, you could start an electrical fire or damage the internal wiring of your vehicle.

Keeping Your Tires on after they go Bald

A bald tire is dangerous not only because it can blow out at any moment, but because you have far less traction on the road. Once your tire is ready to be replaced, replace it.

Ignoring Safety Recalls

If your vehicle has been recalled for safety reasons, take it to the dealer ASAP. Too many times people have ignored safety recalls at their own peril.

Not Knowing how to Jump Start a Vehicle

Just because you have jumper cables does not mean you know how to jump-start a vehicle. Get out of the traffic, put out your cigarette, connect the cables to the right locations, and don’t keep cranking when it’s obvious it won’t start.

Tighten those Lug Nuts

After replacing a tire, give the lug nuts an extra bit of torque to ensure that they stay in place. You don’t want them coming off at the wrong time.

Bad Brake Replacement

If you have never replaced the brakes on your vehicle, get a pro to do it. All too often, amateurs do not put enough lube on the brakes and the result can be seizing which can create a great deal of damage.

Continuing to Drive with Burned-Out Lights

Replacing a headlight, taillight or other lights in your vehicle is pretty easy to do. It’s far better that you replace a taillight or brake light ASAP and not suffer from an accident because the driver behind you didn’t know what you were doing.

Replace that Fluid

It’s actually an understandable mistake that happens more times than it should. You drain the oil and forget to replace it. Have all of your fluids ready to replace immediately so that you can replace them.

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