The Value of Body Kits for Your Vehicle

Body kits have been popular for quite a number of years, offering new body panels, air dams, rear spoilers, diffusers and other items that make care more aerodynamic. In addition, body kits vehicles look different as well which is perfect for those who want to create a racing look if not performance. This means that there are body kits for presentation and body kits for performance.


If your body kit is one for show, then you’ll want one that augments the appearance of your vehicle. Since the aerodynamics do not really play much of a role in vehicles until they reach certain speeds, the use of aesthetic body kits will have a minimal impact on your car’s overall performance.

Typical body kits that improve the look of the vehicle typically have panels that nearly touch the road, something that means avoiding roads with potholes so no damage can occur. Airbag suspension is generally considered a good accessory as well to increase the overall visual effect when it is parked.


Choosing the right body kit to add to the performance of the vehicle is a different matter. You’ll want to emphasize the aerodynamics quite a bit and you may have to do some tweaking in order to get the most out of the product. Carbon fiber kits are popular because they are strong, sleek and lightweight.

In addition to increasing the overall performance, these types of kits will make your car look sleeker and more racing oriented as well. This is something that adds to the aesthetic look of the vehicle that you may enjoy.

The Danger of Too Much Sleekness

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, you actually want to keep a little bit of drag on the vehicle to offer more control at high speeds. A car that is aerodynamically clean will actually be difficult to control at high speeds as it slices through the air, so remember that reduced air resistance does come at a price.

Front air dams are popular body kits, forcing the air into the engine compartment so that it keeps the engine temperature from getting too high. In addition, air dams also vent away the excessive heat as well, making them a very popular choice.

You’ll need to choose whether you want your vehicle to look great or perform great, but improving the performance does have the side effect of creating a more attractive vehicle. The same cannot be said for body kits that only emphasize the look as they often sacrifice a bit of performance at higher speeds.

Aftermarket Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon fibre is fast becoming the most popular material that many aftermarket auto parts and car accessories are manufactured. Carbon fiber materials are stronger and more impact resistant than steel, yet they only weigh a fraction of the amount. This material is used to create spoilers, trunk, hood, bumpers, grilles, motorcycle parts and bike accessories such as side covers, panels, protectors, clutch and more. You can find aftermarket custom modifications or “mods” made from this material as well.