Mastering the Fundamentals to Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

Getting the most out of your vehicle means proper maintenance, regular changing of the fluids and identifying potential issues early on so they can be fixed before they affect other parts of your vehicle. However, there are a few other fundamentals that you will need to master in order to extend the life of your car or truck.

Warm Up 30 to 45 Seconds

Warming up your vehicle can be a good thing, especially in the winter. However, too many people do this to excess by letting their cars or trucks warm up for several minutes. Less than a minute is fine to get the fluids active in your engine, idling for greater periods of time may actually take away from the life of your engine.

Avoid Short Distance Driving

If you only drive a mile or so to work, then find another means of transportation such as public buses, bicycles or other conveyances that save wear and tear on your automobile. Frequent short range trips cause the most wear on the engine.

Drive Easy over the First Few Miles

Over the first few miles your engine is still getting warmed up with the coolant, oil and transmission fluid still working their way through your engine. To reduce wear at this point, drive more cautiously in the first few miles to let your engine properly warm up without idling.

Minimize Stopping and Starting Your Vehicle

Basically, it is better to combine trips to different locations rather than go at separate times. The more you stop and start up your vehicle, the more wear and tear it will develop over time. Instead, try to include your numerous stops in one trip so that your engine is still warm which will create less wear.

Learn How to React in an Emergency

Do you know how to correct your vehicle when it skids? How about what to do when facing an animal or pedestrian that suddenly enters the road? Knowing what to do in these situations can not only avoid a potential accident, but actually reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle as well.

Be Careful When the Weather is Bad

Slow down on icy or snow-packed roads to maintain better control of your vehicle. Also, in foggy conditions or those in which your visibility is sharply reduced, slow down so that you have more reaction time. The difference can be quite remarkable in terms of avoiding accidents and extending the life of your vehicle.

Carbon Fiber Aftermarket Auto Parts

In addition to learning about the fundamentals of driving your vehicle to extend the life, you can also add new aftermarket automotive parts and car accessories to augment its performance as well. Carbon fiber parts are a popular modification, being far stronger and more impact resistant than steel while weighing on a fraction of the amount.

Adding new carbon fibre car parts such as spoilers, grilles, lip, bumpers, hood or trunk can lighten the load on your engine and increase its longevity. In addition, there are carbon fiber motorcycle parts and bikes accessories such as side covers, protectors, panel, clutch and others to provide a lighter, stronger aspect to your motorcycle.