You may believe it’s impossible to sell a vehicle that no longer works, or is damaged beyond repair. The truth is, thousands of businesses make a considerable amount 0f money from “junk” automobiles. Fortunately, we’ll teach you how to sell your damaged vehicle!

Find Out the Actual Value

Your rusty old car is another mans treasure. People who buy damaged vehicles fall into two basic categories: those looking for regular parts, and car collectors hunting for original auto parts. Most people fail to understand the actual value of their vehicle. While your car may not be worth much as a whole, individual parts can be sold for a significant amount.


First, conduct some online research and determine how your vehicle’s parts are priced by other sellers in the market. Glass is often quite valuable because most windshields and windows of junked cars don’t survive the wreckage. If glass is in high demand, you may be able to get a premium price.  Take the time to go over what parts are most valuable - you may find that your damaged vehicle is worth a lot more than you first expected!  Alternatively, you can find out the value of individual parts by calling up junkyards. While junkyards will offer you quick cash, they’ll usually lowball you.

List the Car or Parts for Auction

Once you’ve determined the value of your car and its major parts, you can make a good deal of money if the parts still work. A mechanic can help you strip a vehicle of its valuable parts and tow the rest away.

Selling parts on auction sites such as eBay could help you make a nice profit if you’ve done sufficient research. When uploading your products to eBay, make sure to take your own photos and write captivating, honest, and detailed descriptions about the parts you decide to sell.

ScopioneUSA Carbon Fiber Auto Parts & Car Accessories

Carbon fiber has become a big trend in aftermarket automotive parts, offering greater strength and impact resistance than their steel counterparts. Additionally, carbon fiber weighs only a fraction of the amount! ScopioneUSA offers quality carbon fibre parts for your vehicle at competitively affordable prices.

You can choose from a number of different parts including spoilers, bumpers, and grilles. We also sell accessories like the hood, lip, and trunk for vehicles. You can also purchase carbon fiber custom modifications for many makes and models of vehicles. Find the right carbon fiber parts with ScopioneUSA!