Ducati is well known for their impressive motorcycles and the new 821 is no exception. As part of the vaunted “Monster” line, the Monster 821 from Ducati is certainly one of the bigger and more powerful cycles on the road today.

The Power

The Ducati Monster 821 is actually fairly lightweight for its size as it comes in at under 400 pounds. Yet it boasts an 821cc Testrastretta 11 engine that produces a whopping 112 hp as well as 66 pounds per foot of torque. The combination is such that many riders will certainly get a real thrill racing it down the highway.

In addition, the lightweight design allows for greater handling and a smoother ride as well. Add to this the sheer power of the engine and you have a worthy addition to the Ducati line of Monster bikes.

The Look

The Monster 821 comes in two separate versions consisting of three different colors, offering owners a real choice to the type of appearance they want their bike to have. The first is the standard 821 that features the classic Red and Star White look. This is particularly striking when roaring down the highway and it's quite visible to other drivers.

The second is the opposite, the Monster 821 Dark, featuring a Black with a Dark Stealth livery appearance that is really the essence of cool. For those who want to make a real statement, the Monster 821 Dark is certainly one to consider.

The Ride

Starting up the engine provides that familiar deep rumble feeling that is typical of Ducati motorcycles and the Monster series in particular. For those who love this kind of performance, it is difficult to resist the temptation to just hit the throttle and let the bike carry you away.

The 821cc engine, a V-twin Testastretta is also used to power the Hypermotard as well, manages to carry the rider along briskly with maximum control thanks to the lightweight design. In fact, you can drive at well below 3,000 rpm and still feel the low rumble of the engine as you make wide turns or head down the straightaway.

However, you can also shift down and press the red line of acceleration as you hit from 7,000 to 11,000 rpm and yet feel in total control of the Monster 821. There are three riding modes, the Touring, Urban and Sport. The Urban has a 75 hp limit which is perfect for city driving while the Sport offers the best throttle response.

Thanks to the lightweight materials, your control of the bike is still quite solid as you press the speed limit on the highway. For those who value performance at higher speeds, the 821 will certainly create many fans.

Carbon Fiber Aftermarket Parts

Carbon fibre parts are highly popular aftermarket parts on motorcycles, particularly the side covers, panel, protectors, clutch and more. Carbon fiber is stronger and more impact resistant than steel, but weighs only a fraction of the amount. This material is quite common for use in custom modifications or mods as well as motorcycle parts as well.

Photo Credit: Ducati