With the price of gas stabilizing, there is still a lot of money being poured into the gas tank. Finding ways to save money on gas prices by reducing your fuel consumption can translate into having a lot more money to do the things you want.

Drive A Vehicle Designed For Fuel Economy

The most obvious way to save at the pump is by trading in your old gas hog for a smaller, fuel-efficient vehicle. Considering how much you can save on every mile will translate into keeping more money in your pocketbook. Even newer versions of the vehicle you drive are more fuel efficient thanks to new materials and technology.

Drive More Efficiently

The way you drive can save you gas as well. Things like coasting downhill, stripping out unnecessary vehicular components to reduce weight, using monitors to track fuel usage and so forth. An easy way is to drive the speed limit and cut down on excessively using the accelerator and brake systems. The more you can do to drive more fuel efficiently, the more you can save at the pump.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping the fluids changed and the tire pressure at normal levels and having a clean air filter can significantly increase your fuel mileage for longer periods of time. This also includes regular servicing and fixing small issues before they become large problems.

Cut Down On The Weight

If you carry a lot of extra, unnecessary gear in your vehicle, remove it and start getting better gas mileage. The more unnecessary weight in the car or truck, the more the engine has to work to get you down the road.

Limit Idle Mode

If you know you are going to have to wait for more than a few minutes, shut off the engine instead. While this may not be practical in a drive-thru lane, if you are waiting for someone who needs a few minutes, stop the engine instead and save on gas.

Combine Trips

This is an easy way to save on gas is by combining several short trips over a period of time into one. That way, you get to the places you need to go and save on gas as well. By driving more efficiently, you will save at the pump.

Use The Air Conditioner Sparingly

The air conditioner and defroster represents a big pull on your engine system, so use them wisely. However, opening a window at higher speeds creates drag, so you need to get the right balance between fuel efficiency and comfort.