The Land Rover plant in Solihull will start manufacturing for the first time a Jaguar vehicle. Expansions to the plant are already taking place as this new Jaguar, a lightweight saloon-type vehicle expected to compete with the vaunted BMW 3 Series will make its appearance for the 2015 model year.

Until this move, Jaguar production had only taken place at the Castle Bromwich location after the closing of Browns Lane in Coventry. Now, the Land Rover plant will be expanded to cover the construction of this vehicle and perhaps a new Jaguar SUV to follow.

The reason for the plant expansion in Solihull is a simple and practical one for Jaguar. The aluminum used in construction of the new Jaguar is already being used in Land Rover vehicles. The familiarity and practicality of simply moving the new Jaguar production to this facility made more sense than trying to convert the established Jaguar plant.

What makes this more interesting is that before Land Rover took over the Solihull plant, it was the home of car production for nearly 40 years. In a sense, this is the Solihull plant returning to its roots in terms of the types of vehicle it will now produce for Jaguar. In addition, the new production will stave off rumors of potential plant closing which had dominated the news in recent months.

Currently, the Lode Lane plant in Solihull produces a number of Land Rover designs, including the Range Rover, Discovery, and Range Rover Sport models. The addition of the new Jaguar has generated a great deal of interest in the region, especially with the new materials that will be used in the construction. Plus, the fact that Jaguar will continue to build in England is a reassuring sign as well for the health of the company and the future of vehicular production in the UK.

The move by Jaguar with this new lightweight saloon vehicle is designed to appeal to mainstream car owners who are looking for the Jaguar name on a vehicle that also meets their practical needs. In fact, much of Jaguar’s success has come from producing saloon-type vehicles over the flashier models that the brand is best known.

While the new Jaguar SUV has not yet been named, it is the next logical step for the company that has produced a remarkable series of vehicles over the years. It does appear that Jaguar is once again expanding its brand to appeal to a broader audience.

Jaguar Lighting Options with Aftermarket Parts

One of the more interesting options that consumers will have with the new Jaguar saloon and SUV that may follow is adding aftermarket car accessories such as custom headlights, projector headlight, halo ring lights, angel-eyes, fog-lights, and interior auto lighting options for their new vehicle.

From new headlights to taillights, owners of the new Jaguar may benefit from adding these advanced options to an already exceptional vehicle. For those who may be thinking of purchasing the new Jaguar, investing in the proper aftermarket auto parts can add value and distinction to an already fine automobile.

Photo credit: JaguarMena