For those who have tried purchasing aftermarket auto parts or car accessories in the spring, you know just how difficult it can be to get them quickly if at all to your home. From custom modifications to carbon fiber accessories such as spoilers, bumpers, grilles, hood, trunk and other, similar parts are either in short supply or take longer for the order to complete because of the higher demand.

It may seem strange that December with Christmas is not the busiest time of year for aftermarket automotive parts dealers, but the truth is that March is the busiest month of all. There are basically two reasons for this, people start taking their “good” cars out of the garage because of the warmer weather and most Americans get their tax returns during this time of the year so they have some disposable income that isn’t tied to getting presents for their family.

The aftermarket parts industry tries to compensate for this time of year by stocking up on extra parts and setting more realistic delivery times, but even then the sheer number of orders can be overwhelming. However, there are ways that you can minimize the wait and miscommunication that may happen when you order aftermarket automotive parts.

Order Before March: January and February are the slowest times of the year for the aftermarket auto parts industry, so ordering then will virtually ensure that your parts will arrive on time if they are in stock. Although this will probably means having to sit on your new parts until the warmer weather arrives, at least you will have them ready to go.

Schedule Installation After you receive the Parts: Until you have the parts in hand, do not schedule an installation with your local shop. While this can delay your installation, it is far better than having to cancel and create bad feelings between you and the shop that you trust to install the part. Plus, you should check the part as well to see if it is damaged or flawed before making the appointment.

Ask Plenty of Good Questions when Ordering: You’ll want to ask the sales representative about the order, when the parts are expected to be shipped and delivered to your home. Write down the information so that you and the sales rep are on the same page. If you do have a specific deadline that must be reached, then tell the sales rep that and simply do not assume that a part will be delivered before that time. If you do have a hard deadline, then having the part shipped via express or specific carrier will help ensure that it gets in your hands. Plus, the sales rep can double check that the part is in stock for you just in case.

Even when you take all the care in the world to order early, there can be delays beyond anyone’s control. It does not help to blow your top over not having a part delivered on time, especially if the delay was caused by something outside the control of the store where you bought the part. By keeping calm, you not only lower your blood pressure, you just might get an additional bonus or savings when ordering again if indeed the fault was that of the store.