Although spoilers certainly look cool and work quite well for racing cars, do they really work for the more ordinary street vehicles?

The answer is “yes” as they improve the overall air flow around your vehicle, especially at higher speeds. However, the main reason to add a spoiler to the vehicle is to force the car downwards so that it achieves better traction and overall control as the speed increases.

Generally speaking, the faster a car goes on the road, the greater the amount of lift that is incurred. A spoiler acts like the wing of a plane that is upside down so that instead of lift, a downward force is created which helps drivers keep better control of their vehicle. Spoilers are better than adding weight to the vehicle because they don’t impede the speed or fuel economy. Instead, the airflow simply counters the tendency of the vehicle to lift upwards which helps stability.

Different types and styles of spoilers

You can find several types of spoilers at aftermarket auto parts dealers who offer car accessories that also include grilles, lip, bumpers, and hood and trunk lids made from carbon fiber. From standard carbon fibre parts to custom modifications or mods, you can find the type of spoiler you need from reputable aftermarket parts dealers.

The types of spoilers include the following;

  • Pedestal: Arguably the most popular type found on over the rear of the vehicle.
  • Lip: A smaller, sleeker version of pedestal spoilers used in the same location.
  • Front: Helps reduce the drag created by rear spoilers. Also called an “air dam”.
  • Wings: Larger versions of pedestal spoilers, usually seen on race cars.

The Benefits of Adding a Car Spoiler

There are certainly several benefits in adding a spoiler to your vehicle, especially if you drive a lot out on the highway.

Better Traction: The downward force created by the spoiler counters the lift that cars experience while going at high speeds. This means that you have better traction and more control of your vehicle when it gets above 70mph.

Greater Fuel Efficiency: Air dams or spoilers on the front of vehicles can increase overall fuel mileage because they reduce the drag on the car. Less drag means greater fuel economy.

Better Braking: Because the downward force on the vehicle presses the tires more against the road, you have far greater control when you have to press your brakes at higher speeds. Spoilers reduce the chance that you lose control while braking and can help prevent accidents of this type from occurring. 

Increased Visibility: Most accidents are caused by one driver not seeing the other vehicle. A spoiler adds more prominence to your vehicle and makes it easier to spot. A rear spoiler for example makes your vehicle easier to see, especially from behind where most accidents take place.

Cool Style: Let’s face it most cars simply look better with a spoiler on it which is why you see so many on the road today. In particular, higher performance vehicles are virtually made to have a spoiler attached which creates a sporty, attractive appearance.

Getting a spoiler for your vehicle does offer plenty of advantages, so consider one today if you drive regularly on highways.