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Porsche 911

The legendary Porsche 911 series has captured the imagination of the public for over half a century. The distinctive exterior, powerful rear-engine and comfortable interior has made this model one for the ages. Despite numerous changes over the years, the Porsche 911 series has remained remarkably the same, at least in term of the exterior design and basic concept of the vehicle.

Although the Porsche 911 series stretches back to 1963, the later models of this remarkable line have stood out for their quality, style and overall performance. The embracement of technology to enhance the best aspects of the 911 series has led to a revival of this remarkable design.

The Porsche 911 Models

  • Porsche 911/996: 1998 - 2005
  • Porsche 911/997: 2004 - 2012
  • Porsche 911/911: 1998 – Present Day


A revolution in design, the 996 series helped re-introduce the famed 911 series to the general public. Featuring a thinner, more compact body frame, new interior, a more steeply raked windshield and drive train, the 996 did much to re-invigorate the 911 series.


Easily the most commercially successful of the 911 series, the 997 boasts two generations of design along with the famed GT series. The 977 is more reminiscent of the earlier 911 models, with circular headlights, wider body and low profile.


First released in 2012, the new version of the 911 series is based on an entire new platform featuring a larger, more robust engine, longer body and wider frame. Featuring the latest in technical advances, distinctive headlight frame and nearly all-aluminum construction, the new 911 series certainly ups the ante in terms of power, performance and style.

The Porsche 911 & Carbon Fiber Technology

One of the most important advances in automotive parts over the past decade is the refinement of the carbon fiber process. Thousands of strands of carbon fiber are bonded together in a twill weave pattern and the result is automotive parts that are more impact resistant and twice as strong as steel while weighing less than 1/4th the amount.

There are a number of carbon fiber or CF auto parts available for the Porsche 911 series including, but not limited to, the following;

  • Air Scoop Duct Intake Grille
  • Front Lip spoiler Skirt
  • Rear Boot Trunk Spoiler Lip
  • Rear Bumper Diffuser Lip
  • Side Door Mirrors
  • Side Door Pillars Panel Cover