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BMW Z4 Parts

The BMW Z4 series is one of the more popular in the BMW line of vehicles. This rear-wheel drive sports car follows in the popular line of roadsters that BMW has produced over the years. The classic long hood, powerful engine and advanced technology have helped this series win Automobile Magazine’s “Design of the Year Award” back in 2004.

Today, there have been three generations of the Z4 series, each with their own upgrades and new advances to attract customers. In 2009, the second generation earned the Red Dot Design Award which help cement the status of this remarkable series.

History of the BMW Z Series Z4

First introduced in 2002, the BMW Z4 series enjoyed immense popularity as a throwback to the two-seat sports cars of an earlier time, but with all the technical advances available today. The focus of this particular BMW series was to capture the magic of the sports car era while keeping in line with today’s modern advancements.

1st Generation Z4 E85 E86

The first generation of the BMW Z4 series was produced in 2002 and was available in roadster (E85) or coupe (E86) versions. The roadster version featured a 3 liter, 231 hp engine with the new generation upping the power to 265 hp.

The vehicle changed relatively little in the first four years of full production, but in 2006 a more powerful engine, new styling and the introduction of the hatchback coupe was made. In addition to the new additions, the Z4 M roadster/coupe made its debut as well. Sporting a more powerful 3.2 liter engine that produced 333 hp, this version could go from 0 to 60mph in 4.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 156mph. While the first generation remained quite popular with these advancements, production was ended in 2008.

2ns Generation Z4 E89

The second generation of the BMW Series Z was introduced in 2009 with a coupe-convertible model complete with folding hardtop (E89). This version is the one still in production today, featuring many of the same variants and upgrades as the previous generation, but taking advantage of new technology as well. In 2011, BMW went back to the smaller 2 liter, four cylinder engine with a twin-scroll turbo variant.

Both generations feature the famous BMW kidney grille that is quite distinctive to the BMW line. The kidney grille itself is crafted from carbon fiber materials that are very lightweight, yet more impact resistant and stronger than steel.

BMW Z Series Z4 & Carbon Fiber Technology

Over the past decade, the advancement of carbon fiber technology has had a major impact on car design, including the BMW Z Series Z4. Carbon fiber or CF auto parts are more than twice as strong as their steel counterparts while weighing less than 1/4th the amount.

Carbon fiber parts available for the BMW Z Series Z4 include the front kidney grilles, pin stripe and other automotive parts. You can check out the Scopione online catalog for a complete list of carbon fiber aftermarket parts available for the BMW Z Series as well as many other makes and models of vehicles.