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Built on the BMW 3 series platform, the X3 is a crossover Sports Activity Vehicle for the X-line of BMWs. Initially released in 2003, this version has become quite popular for its versatility, high quality and sleek design for this vehicle type. The X3 is designed to have the agility of a compact model while boasting the driving experience of the X5 versions.

Although normally a four door vehicle with a hatch in the back, there are also coupe and even a convertible version as well. The elimination of the “B” or “C” pillars creates a unique look for the BMW X3 series in both generations. Also featured is the famed kidney grille which helps identify it instantly with the BMW line.

BMW X3 E83 & F25 body frames

E83: The first generation of the X3 line, this crossover version was produced from 2003 to 2010. Featuring all-wheel drive, this four-door SUV featured a number of options and was quite popular, combining luxurious interior with the classic exterior of the BMW line. In 2006, the sports package was released complete with the “M” upgrade to the body.

F25: Part of the second generation of the BMW X3, this version was first released in 2010 and is nearly as large as the E53 version. Featuring a six cylinder engine, versions sold in the US have an eight speed automatic transmission plus all versions have the all-wheel drive system included.

BMW X3 Models lineup

Each of these models has enjoyed success on the road, retaining the agility and performance associated with BMW while providing enough interior room and features to make them quite enjoyable to drive.

  • X3 2.0d/ xDrive20d
  • X3 3.0sd/ xDrive35d
  • X3 3.0d/ xDrive30d
  • X3 2.0i/ xDrive20i
  • X3 2.5i
  • X3 2.5si/ xDrive25i
  • X3 3.0i
  • X3 3.0si/ xDrive30i

BMW X3 & Carbon Fiber Technology

Carbon fiber or CF auto parts have become more popular in recent years. Advances in technology has allowed strands of carbon fiber to be bonded together in a twill weave that results in parts which are far lighter, yet more than twice as strong as steel.

Currently, there are a number of carbon fiber parts available for the BMW X3 line, including a rear bumper diffuser lip and side door mirrors. CF parts are also more impact resistant and will last a very long time under normal use. Scopione carbon fiber automotive parts are available for the BMW X3 line as well as many other makes and models of vehicles.