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6 Series

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BMW 6 Series

Certainly one of the most celebrated models for the vaunted BMW line was the re-launching of the successful “6” series in 2003. The BMW 6 Series emphasizes style, class and power with modern features and sleek designs set for a new generation of drivers.

History of the BMW 6 Series

Initially launched in 1976, the initial purpose of the BMW 6 Series was simply to replace the previous E9 coupes that had enjoyed success, but had certain issues that this new series could improve upon. The new chassis for example were safer than previous models and the vehicles enjoyed early success in the US. In fact, the first generation of this series lasted until 1989.

It was not until 2003 that the BMW 6 Series was revived with an all-new look and updated appearance. The second and now third generation of the 6 Series features a number of different designs that all fall within the executive coupe standards. From the standard models to those featuring popular options such as the convertible package, the BMW 6 Series has enjoyed a great deal of popularity.

The 6 Series Models

Each of the models has certainly garnered attention for their sleek design, roomy interiors and powerful engines which is expected among luxury coupe models from BMW.

BMW 6 Series Models: 630i, 640i, 640d, 645Ci, 650i, M6

Room interior designs that emphasize comfort and style are combined with the classic exterior appearance of the BMW line. The engine options are potent as well, ranging from turbocharged to diesel depending on the model. The higher performance “M” models, such as the M6, are also available for the BMW 6 Series as well, boasting additional power and features.

The Body Frame Designs

Over the years, the BMW 6 Series has enjoyed numerous body frames that have helped define this unique line of vehicles including the following celebrated designs.

BMW 6 Series E63, E64 – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

BMW 6 Series F06, F12, F13 – 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


The BMW 6 Series and Carbon Fiber Technology

One of the most interesting advances in automotive technology is the increased use of carbon fiber in creating auto parts. Created from strands of carbon fiber that is bonded together in a twill weave pattern, the result is carbon fiber or CF parts that are more than twice as strong as steel, yet they weigh less than 1/4th the amount. Also, carbon fiber is more impact resistant which translates into a vehicle that is lighter, creating more power to weight ratio for better overall performance.

Front Kidney Grilles

Front Lip Splitters spoiler

Air Scoop Duct Intake

Eye Lids & Eyebrows

Mirror Covers Shells covers

Door Pillars Panel

Rear Trunk Spoiler Lip

Rear Roof Visor Spoiler

Rear Boot Wing Spoiler

Rear Bumper Diffuser Lip

Scopione carbon fiber automotive parts are crafted for high quality at low, affordable prices. From the BMW 6 Series to many other makes and models, Scopione is the leading independent retailer of carbon fiber aftermarket auto parts today.