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5 Series

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BMW 5 Series

One of the most venerable of the BMW, the BMW 5 Series has proven to be one of the most popular vehicles in the world. It enjoys the reputation of the BMW line while expanding their market with appealing vehicle designs which includes coupe, sedans, wagons, convertible models and the like.

The BMW 5 Series has emphasized high quality which includes exceptional interior design that emphasizes comfort and convenience. The exterior is trademark BMW that is unmistakable in design while the engine design has varied depending on the generation. Currently, the six cylinder model is standard while the M5 version uses a twin-turbocharged eight cylinder engine.

History of the BMW 5 Series

Getting the name “5 Series” simply because it is the fifth in series after the Isetta and V8 eras, this particular line replaced the four-door New Class sedan models starting in 1972. Back then, the E12 was the first in the series to be released. Over 40 years later the BMW 5 Series is still going strong with new generations of vehicles that continue to impress with their emphasis on quality, style and comfort.

Over the years, BMW developed different body frames for their 5 Series which included the following;

5 Series E39: 1995 – 2003: 4 door sedan

5 Series E60: 2004 – 2010: 4 door sedan

5 Series E61: 2004 – 2010: 5 door touring model

5 Series F10: 2011 – Present: 4 door sedan

5 Series F11: 2011 – Present: 5 door touring model

5 Series GT F07: 2011 – Present: 5 door hatchback

There are seven different models to the current BMW 5 Series which include the following;

525i, 528i, 530i

535i, 540i, 550i


Each of current models features many options and packages specifically designed to meet the needs of their customers.

BMW 5 Series and Carbon Fiber Technology

One of the most important advances in the past decade has been carbon fiber technology. Strands of carbon fiber are combined into a twill weave by the thousands to create CF auto parts that are more than twice as strong as steel, yet it weigh less than 1/4th the amount. In addition, CF parts are also more impact resistant as well.

What follows is a list of CF parts available for the BMW 5 Series

Front Kidney Grilles

Front Lip Splitters spoiler

Air Scoop Duct Intake

Eye Lids & Eyebrows

Mirror Covers Shells covers

Door Pillars Panel

Rear Trunk Spoiler Lip

Rear Roof Visor Spoiler

Rear Boot Wing Spoiler

Rear Bumper Diffuser Lip

Scopione carbon fiber (cf) automotive parts are available for the BMW 5 Series and many other makes and models of vehicles as well. Scopione provides the finest in Carbon Fiber aftermarket parts at low, affordable prices.