The world we know is now rapidly changing in terms of the materials used to create sports equipment, automotive parts, the cases to our cell phones and more. Carbon fiber technology has simply exploded over the past decade and its use will only continue to rise dramatically as this remarkable substance makes its way into many different products.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber (CF) is basically carbon, certainly one of the most abundant substances on Earth, which is fashioned into weaves, combined with other products, heated and cured into different parts and equipment that we use on a daily basis.

The advancement of the carbon fiber twill weave is what makes it so strong, durable and desirable for manufacturers of different products. While the manufacturing process for carbon fiber is a little complex and time consuming, the result is a product that is one quarter the weight, yet several times the strength of steel.

The revolution of carbon fiber has been mostly felt in sports, particularly auto racing where a vehicle’s weight, speed, handling and overall performance are so paramount. However, you might be surprise where carbon fiber parts and equipment are also being used.

Where is Carbon Fiber being Used?


Perhaps the biggest gains of carbon fiber are in the automotive industry where CF parts are saving considerable weight on vehicles. This means greater gas mileage, better handling and safety as well.


Being as light as possible helps cyclists win the race and not breathe as hard when crossing the finish line.

Fishing Rods & Reels

This industry has seen carbon fiber used for the past decade. The surprising flexibility combined with the overall strength makes fishing rods and reels uniquely suited for the advantages of carbon fiber.

Golf Clubs

Your caddy might not know what to do when you ask for a “3 Carbon Fiber”, but today more golf club shafts, heads and face plates are being crafted with carbon fiber.


The canoe, kayak, sail and rowing boats are now taking advantage of carbon fiber advancements. They can take the impact of the waves, yet are more maneuverable thanks to weighing far less than their metal counterparts.

iPhone Cases

Generally speaking, most people are not satisfied with an iPhone case that is not much better than the iPhone it protects. However, new CF products such as the Scopione Apple iPhone case provide ample impact protection for this delicate piece of electronics.

Baseball Bats

The term “batter up” takes on a whole new meaning as carbon fiber is now being used to create baseball bats that are lighter, yet stronger than their aluminum counterparts. Plus, they don’t carry the vibration of the impact with the ball, which makes them rival their wooden counterparts as well.

Skis, Hockey Sticks and More

It is really surprising just how many different sports products are now being crafted from carbon fiber. Plus, the use of carbon fiber is spreading everyday into different products that are now stronger, lighter and perhaps safer than ever before. Carbon fiber is truly surprising in and of itself.