Customizing vehicles is a time-honored tradition. But for every one person who creates a classic statement of individuality there are others who don’t nearly come that close. In fact, there is a thin line between making a statement and telling a joke and your customization should be on the right side of that equation.

You will obviously need the right auto parts, car accessories, auto lighting and so forth to do the job right. Customizing is perfect for classic vehicles such as the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro just to name a few.

However, there are things you can do to help you succeed in creating the type of vehicle you want and impressing your friends and well. What follows are some of the many types of customization items, auto parts and accessories that can add or greatly detract from your vehicle. The two things to keep in mind are the nature of your vehicle and how your friends perceive you. A slip in either case can make your customization efforts go wildly wrong.

Great Ways to Customize your Vehicle

Here are several ways you can customize your vehicle. Some are quite safe for virtually any car or pickup while others only apply to the select few. Remember to use the right auto-parts, headlights and auto accessories and unless you are experienced, have a professional do the job as well.

Custom Stereo:

A new stereo is quite cool, especially if you add a new digital media receiver box that can stream the music you love. If you carry your iPod around, getting one with the flip open front faceplate that has the USB tray to connect and hold it is just that much more satisfying. A custom trunk stereo system may be great for pumping sound, but can increase the weight to the car, so take that into consideration.

Adjust the Suspension:

This is another straightforward and easy way to customize your vehicle. The adjustments you make can actually change the character of the vehicle without any other major modification. For those looking at a rather inexpensive way to alter the appearance of their ride, this is certainly one to consider.

Chop the Top Off:

Turning your ride into a convertible is always one of those ideas that sound much better than it actually looks. For the most part, vehicles that were designed with a roof look like they were in an accident without one. Plus, you’ll need to redo the entire interior so that it is waterproof. Generally speaking, it’s far better to install a moonroof or just leave the car alone.

Roll Cage:

This interesting accessory boils down to one question. Do you actually race cars or spend time on the track? If so, this is an absolutely necessary installment in your vehicle. If not, then you are just a poseur and a laughable one at that.

Performance Tires:

You need to be careful here. While good performance tires can help you get a better grip, which improves the overall handling. But buying the wrong set can make your vehicle look completely ridiculous or lose handling in poor weather conditions.


Adding airflow upgrades like a spoiler, will depend on both you and your vehicle. If you have a reputation for driving fast on the track and have a racing-performance vehicle, then this is the perfect addition. However, your’72 Volkswagen with a big spoiler on the back is just asking for eggs to be thrown at it.

Reduce Weight:

Today, there are carbon fiber parts that can pull a considerable amount of weight off of your vehicle. This is a great way to increase the overall performance and gas mileage while having parts that are actually more impact resistant. Roofs and hoods are the most common parts made from carbon fiber, but you can replace the spoiler and other parts in your car with lighter weight material as well.

Go All flat:

A matte or flat wrapped car that, such as all matte black, is always hip and always fashionable for all, except the most non-cool of vehicles. You can have your car painted for just a few thousands of dollars at a professional body shop, a custom wrap job will cost a quarter of that, and will always look great. However, be warned that a vehicle covered such as matte all-black in warmer climates can get quite hot during the summer.

Pinstripe and Racing-Stripes:

This is a great way to highlight your classic American car, especially a muscle car from a bygone era. If you have one of these classics, then a professional pinstripe job will do wonders. However, if you have a PT Cruiser or a Honda Accord, then you are doing something very, very wrong indeed.


Adding forced induction to your engine is a cost efficient way to upgrade the power, as long as the job is done professionally. Otherwise, you are going to look like a complete idiot when your engine blows up. Still, if you want more power out of your vehicle, this is the way to do it.

Stash Box:

If you’re into that type of stuff, this is an interesting accessory which actually works in most vehicles. However, if you let everyone know that you have a stash box, then it kind of defeats the purpose. If you do want a stash box, keep it a secret.

These are just some of the ways to customize your ride with the right automotive parts, such as head lights and other accessories. Be sure that you plan accordingly and customize the right way so that your friends are really impressed and not just laughing out loud.