Do Separated Exhaust Pipes Live Up to the Hype?

You may have read all the hype about dual exhaust systems that offer separated pipes that supposedly enhance the overall performance of your engine. It certainly seems like generating greater air flow through this process of “true duals” would indeed maximize engine performance. However, the truth is that while separated dual exhaust pipes do have an impact on engine power, it is not a significant impact on the overall performance because of how your engine works.

This is because the exhaust system of the engine is not a continuous flow of air, but instead a series of pulses from the cylinder’s exhaust valves that open when fired. Although the flow of air may feel continuous, the truth is that it is the engine valves themselves that work in pulses. The original design of the true dual exhaust pipes was to quiet the noise that was being created which it does by as much as two decibels.

The “H-pipe” also can increase power as well because the reduce the backpressure that happens when a singular pipe is being used and the valves are fighting against each other to release the exhaust from the engine. By connecting the pipes together, the internal pressure is greatly reduced and more power is generated.

However, the more rpm that is generated, the effectiveness of the H-pipe or dual exhaust is lessened. This is because the increased volume of the exhaust gas will simply force its way down the pipe instead of making the turn into the H-pipe. However, using an X-pipe will actually equalize the pressure no matter the speed and the overall power is still boosted. The X-pipe creates a quieter engine as well by up to several decibels.

While the power was certainly boosted in both cases, it was not be a greatly substantial amount which means that for most drivers who want to enjoy a bit more power from their engine, having a X-pipe true dual exhaust will offer that along with a quieter engine and little more. Basically, for those who are expecting a really significant increase in the overall performance of their vehicle, they will be somewhat disappointed because the actual boost in power is measurable, but not overwhelming to say the least.

In the end, it will come down to expectations as to whether purchasing a true dual exhaust system is really worth the money and effort.

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