cowboy Cadillac miniature semi trucks

If you’ve lost the thrill of driving your old Ford F250, you can reignite that joy by transforming the massive vehicle into a miniature semi-truck. The Lil Big Rig, based in Nashville, creates transformation kits which turn regular pickup trucks into miniature 18 wheelers.

These conversion kits, which run for around $13,000, will work on the following models:

  • 1980s – 1990s 2 wheel drive Ford F250
  • 1973 – 1987 Chevy Pickup long beds
  • 1994 – 2003 Dodge Ram standard cabs

Basically, the kit includes fiberglass counterparts for the rear body of your pickup, as well as two extra dual rear wheels.

The exterior kit provides headlights, mirrors, front grill, exhaust stacks, and optional semi-spec fuel tanks. You can even change the interior of the truck with the kit, so it includes a full rear sleeper! The kit doesn’t provide any alterations for the engine, although you can choose to add the new 454 big-block V8 to the Chevy model.

Peterbilt mini pickup truck

All you need to ride your favorite mini pickup is the right model pickup, $13,000, and a professional body shop. The next time you pass by your neighbor’s house, they’ll scratch their heads and wonder what happened to your colossal vehicle! 

Are you modifying your pickup truck?  Comment below and share your experience!

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