While your average tire may look fairly simple and straightforward in terms of its construction, they are actually very complex, highly engineered products that are designed to hold up against tens of thousands of miles of wear and tear.

Since the late 1940s when tire technology we see today was first developed, the improvements in durability and performance have simply been astounding. Here are just some of the ways that your tires are actually complex products of advanced engineering.

Development Of Radial Technology

You have heard about radial tires, but did you know just how complex they really are? Tires consist of one to two levels of “plies," the strands of which are placed at the right angle to the edge of the rim. This means that each strand of the ply is a single radius of the wheel itself. If the tire is belted, the ply strands are crisscrossed at angles to the rim for extra strength and durability.

This also makes the sides of the tire stiffer, stronger and more durable. The radial tire uses a combination of belts along with nylon and rayon cords that are wrapped in plies which create a very strong tire. This is something that is augmented even further with the addition of steel belting.

Better Sidewalls

The sidewalls of the tires are certainly a unique construction in that they must offer stiffness and flexibility to handle the wear and tear of the road conditions. Specialized rubber compounds that have UV protection along with resistance to the elements built in have different materials to strengthen the rubber foundation.

The inner lining of the tube provides extra support when the tire is properly inflated. Bead locks help keep the tire in place when driving.

The Tire Bead

This keeps the tire on the wheel in typical vehicles. Crafted from steel filaments which are wound around a ribbon or cable, the cable is then shaped into circles or loops which are placed around the inner edges of the tire itself. The bead uses specially design rubber compounds and keeps the tire in place when driving under all types of conditions.


The combination of the sidewalls, bead, plies and other materials are pulled together to form a radial tire that holds up under a number of conditions for a long time. As long as the tire is properly inflated and rotated to spread out the wear and tear, the good quality ones will last for tens of thousands of miles under a variety of conditions. It is common for good tires to make it 40,000 miles and longer depending on their manufacturer.

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