After two years of concerted effort,Ford and Toyota decided they would not develop a universal hybrid drivetrain for light pickup trucks and SUVs. In a joint statement, both companies stated parting ways was better than pooling their resources. It’s a little odd that these two leading automakers found it difficult to “pool their resources,” considering their history of success. Had the two companies stayed together, the drivetrain technology would have been created by the end of the decade.

Although this collaboration failed, both automakers affirmed they were open to working together in future projects. Nevertheless, both automakers are still committed to producing their own hybrid vehicles. While Toyota announced that it’ll offer 18 new or redesigned hybrid models before 2016, Ford plans to triple its number of hybrid vehicles by the end of 2014. Ford is also moving forward by developing a rear-wheel drive hybrid system scheduled to launch online by 2020.

Ford and Toyota’s collab may have been unsuccessful, but the commitment for hybrid technology is well and alive!

Do you own a hybrid car from either of these automakers?

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