Chevy’s well known for their line of big pickups, but that may change if the Jalopnik reports are true. While Chevy hasn’t spoken about their future plans, some off-the-record conversations with GM engineers indicate that they may start producing more compact pickups.

Smaller pickups are popular in places like Brazil, where roads are narrower. As a result, there may not be much of a market for LUV pickup trucks in the United States. However, given the difficulty Chevy has faced in meeting EPA requirements [link to “How EPA Credits Will Affect Chrysler – Not posted], this move makes sense. Introducing a small, economic pickup can help Chevy compete in the automotive industry, and separate them from other automakers.

Smaller pickups that tend to be successful feature attractive prices, so Chevy would likely emphasize a lower profile and take away some “goodies”. This seem to be a logical move from Chevy, considering how they recently introduced midsize pickups that are more fuel efficient.

Is Chevy ready to reverse the trend of larger is better? Comment below and share your opinions!

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Photo Credit: Chevrolet