Subaru WRX STI tS Type RA


Subaru has just introduced a special edition of the famed WRX STI model called the tS Type RA which is designed primarily for the Japanese market. Although the name is rather elongated, the advances that the Subaru has to offer are considerable.

300 of the new Subaru WRX STI tS Type RA models are expected to be produced. While relatively small in numbers and limited to Japan, the impact will be considerably wider spread since the success of this particular vehicle will spill over into future Subaru designs.


The New Features of the Subaru WRX

First and foremost, the new Subaru WRX features a new STI-tuned suspension to improve the vehicle’s handling rating.

In addition, there are a number of other additional notable features as well:

- Upgraded Struts

- Quicker Steering Ratio

- New Brembo Brakes

- New Springs and Dampers


All of these advances are designed to increase the handling of the new Subaru WRX. In addition, there are a number of new aesthetic design features as well that are being added to this model which include a front lip spoiler and glossy black accents. These accents will be augmented by the choice of Blue Mica, Satin White Pearl or Tangerine Orange Pearl.

The NBR Challenge Package

Of the 300 new Subaru WRX STI tS Type RA, 200 will come with the NBR Challenge Package which will include the following options:

- Carbon Fiber Spoiler

- 18” BBS Forged Aluminum Wheels w/Bridgestone Potenza tires

- Recaro Front Seats


The success of this new package along with the overall performance of the Subaru WRX STI will be closely observed as it will indicate the direction Subaru plans to follow over the next few years with the line of vehicles.

Of the new elements in this package, the addition of the carbon fiber spoiler represents a new direction in parts for vehicles around the world.


The Advancement of Carbon Fiber Parts in the Subaru WRX

There is little doubt that one of the most noted advancements in this new design is the addition of carbon fiber parts that adds greater strength and less weight to the vehicle. Carbon fiber technology has advanced considerably over the past decade and today most high performance vehicles incorporate at least some carbon fiber or CF parts into their designs.

The ScopioneUSA Subaru carbon fiber parts are crafted with twill weave which gives them tremendous strength for their weight. Compared to traditional steel parts, CF parts are roughly twice as strong yet weight only 1/4th the amount. Plus, carbon fiber is much more impact resistant, making them the perfect choice for high performance vehicles. If there is a downside, it is that CF parts when damaged must be replaced and cannot be repaired like metal parts which can be pounded back into shape.

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