Understanding the difference between Euro and projector headlights will help you choose the right type for your vehicle. Plus, it will help you better convey the information needed so you get the right product for your needs. What follows are the basic definitions of what each type is followed by their differences.

Euro Headlights

As with Euro taillights, Euro headlights are a style of housing for headlights that has become quite popular in recent years. This is because many headlight housing products are factory-created and have similar, rather plain appearances. Euro headlights are more attractive, sporting a unique combination of lights and reflectors that are stylishly arranged on a chrome or black base and covered by a clear or smoked lens to create a unique effect.

The Euro headlights may have the standard parabolic type of headlight reflectors that use the original bulbs or have projector headlights using LED, Halogen or HID bulbs. These custom headlights may have halo lights surrounding them as well as LED running lights along with yellow or red side reflectors in the mix.

Projector Headlights

The term “projector headlights” refers to the actual fixture within the housing of the headlight. A projector headlight has the bulb placed to the front of a reflector that has an elliptical shape. The elliptical shape reflects the light towards a single focal point in front of the bulb rather than dispersing it as with conventional headlights.

A shutter is located near the focal point where it shunts the light downward, providing a better view of the road ahead during the low beam setting. In addition, the top edge of the shutter is curved to direct most of the light in a rightward direction to keep it from blinding drivers in oncoming lanes of traffic. A solenoid is there to lower the shutter when high beams are selected, offering the maximum amount of light on the road ahead. Basically, projector headlights offer a more focused beam of light with less scattering. This can be most helpful when driving in very dark or inclement weather conditions.

You will often find Halo ring lights or Angel-eyes surrounding projector headlights as they are used when the vehicle is running during the day or when the headlights are not needed. Halo lights themselves are often chains of LED lights or cold cathode fluorescent lighting (CCFL) that glow during the daytime hours.

The Differences between Euro and Projector Headlights

Essentially, Euro headlights are a custom headlight design while projector headlights are the position of the main lighting element itself. Projector headlights can have a 3D effect or use the DRL/LED version of headlights for maximum visibility. Essentially, projector headlights maximize the visibility of the road while minimizing the blinding effect to oncoming traffic.

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