Modified Infiniti

Upgrading your vehicle with custom modifications lets you express your individuality and make your car unlike any other on the road. When you think about investing in aftermarket auto parts for mods, you likely think of adding carbon fiber parts to enhance the look of the hood or trunk or making mods to the engine to add to your car's performance. What you likely don't consider is upgrading your vehicle's suspension system, which can lead to problems down the road.

Vehicle Suspension

The suspension system of your vehicle plays a vital role in the entire design of the automobile. The purpose of the suspension system is to increase the amount of friction between the surface of the road and the surface of your tires. This helps to keep your car stable and makes it better able to respond when you steer. The suspension system is also important for making the ride smooth and comfortable for you and your passengers.

Modified Vehicles

A stock suspension system is the term given to the suspension that is installed by the manufacturer. Stock systems are engineered specifically for an individual vehicle. One of the key components of the suspension system is the spring rate, which helps to keep your vehicle at an ideal height. Engineers select the springs for suspension systems to help ensure that the car remains at an optimal height from the road surface. One of the things that engineers consider when designing suspension systems is the cumulative weight of spoilers, grilles, bumpers and other auto parts. The weight is used to help select the right type of springs.

Assembled Suspension

When you modify your vehicle with custom car accessories made of carbon fibre or other materials, you alter the weight of the vehicle. This can lead to changes in the spring rate of your stock suspension system. Modifications to the engine can also affect the weight of the vehicle or make stock suspension systems inadequate. In these instances, adding a performance suspension system to a vehicle can improve comfort and handling.

Suspension Spring

If you've made any type of custom mods to your car with aftermarket auto parts, it would be a good idea to have a professional mechanic, inspect your suspension system. This can to determine whether or not a performance upgrade is necessary for what you are looking to get from your vehicle.