One of the more popular aftermarket car accessories are rain guards or wind deflectors. Their success in keeping out the rain from the tops of windows and reducing the overall noise that is normally created is well known. However, one question that many people ask is why they are not made a standard part of all vehicles?

The answer is a simple one, not everyone wants to have rain guards as part of their car or truck. There are different reasons of course, but the bottom line is that rain guards are seen more as custom modifications and not as standard equipment, at least at this point.

Why Rain Guards are Not Standard Auto Parts?

There are certainly a number of reasons why and some of them are more practical in nature than in terms of style or function.

Some People Always Drive with their Windows Up: There are many people who never open their windows while driving, so having rain guards would be a useless addition to their vehicle. The minor advantage of having them while stopped at a drive-thru for example does not outweigh the fact that 99% of the time their windows are rolled up.

Some People Never Crack Their Windows: A common trait during hot weather is to crack the windows and let the air flow through. Rain guards will keep thieves from breaking in through the windows to vandalize or steal the car itself. However, some people always use car garages, ports or other coverings that prevent direct sunlight exposure which keeps their car cooler.

Advantages of Rain Guards

There are numerous advantages to having rain guards on your vehicle with the most obvious being the ability to roll down the windows slightly during a rain storm and yet keep the interior of the vehicle dry. However, there are some other advantages as well.

Thief Deterrent: While a determined thief may still break into your vehicle, seeing a rain guard will give the second thoughts as their typical lock-opening devices will not work.

Adds Gutters: Many vehicles have no gutters for the proper venting of water away from the tops of the windows. To add a rain guard means that the water will now flow in the right direction and not bother the driver or passengers.

Reduce Noise: When driving at higher speeds, they deflect the wind away from the tops of windows which reduces the overall noise that they make. This can make for a more comfortable ride.

Style: While perhaps not the most stylish addition, they do add a certain individual look to the vehicle.

While not as great a modification as adding new carbon fiber parts such as spoilers, grills, bumpers, hood, truck or other type of mods, a rain guard does provide certain small comforts that makes driving your vehicle during rainy weather more pleasant and can even cut down on the noise created when driving at most speeds.

However, while rain guards are useful for many people, they are not useful for everyone so keep in mind you’re driving and parking habits when considering rain guards.

Photo Credit: WeatherTech