Tire manufacturers such as Goodyear are expanding their product line with the introduction of super high performance carbon fiber tires. Goodyear’s Eagle line including its F1 All Season tire is one such example in this new use of carbon fiber technology.


Some advantages of carbon fiber tires include:

  • - Abrasion resistant
  • - Lightweight and longer tire life
  • - Reduced hydroplaning incidents
  • - Improved traction in light snow and rain
  • - Better acceleration and braking performance
  • - Enhanced tire strength
  • - Better precision in steering and overall handling
  • - Reduction in tire screeching incidents
  • - Allows for even wear of the tire threads
  • - Improved high-speed handling and maneuvering


It is no doubt that Goodyear received an award for the Eagle brand of tires from the editors of Popular Mechanics. Also, these tires have received many other industry and consumer awards and recognition since their introduction in 2006. Carbon fiber tires are now being used on just about every means of transportation including airplanes, automobiles, motorcycles, and high performance race cars.



Undoubtedly, the biggest drawback for many with regards to the purchase of these tires is the cost. These tires are not cheap but the enhanced performance and longer lifespan of these tires make the financial decision a good one.


As the carbon fiber technology improve and associated manufacturing costs begin to further reduce; it would be inevitable that other tire manufacturers will include carbon fiber tires as a staple of their production lines.