Piggyback ECU Superchips are the chips that are wired to work with the factory ECU of an automobile. If the factory ECU is controlling some parts of your vehicle, then you have a piggyback ECU.

Piggyback are of two types. These include the piggyback engine superscripts that intercept signals from sensors and modify those signals in such a way that the stock ECU is tricked to make the automobile behave the way you want.

The second piggyback engine is Post ECU manipulation. This works by modifying the signal after it has left the stock ECU. For instance, this can work by rising and lowering the injection time but the ECU does not have control of the fuel.

Piggyback Engine superchips have their advantages and disadvantages. These are what raise the concern whether they are really superchips for performance.

Advantages of piggyback engine Superchips

  • Piggyback engine superchips are easy to set up and tune
  • Piggyback engine superchips are very cheap when compared to stand alone auto parts.
  • They are fully compliant with all sensors and gauges in the dash. There is no need for modification of the auto settings before they function.

Disadvantages of Piggyback Engine Superchips

  • Piggyback engine superchips can be difficult to set up and tune depending on the factory settings.
  • There is a limit to make it work properly to the full capabilities.
  • Modification of the engine harness may lead to complication when trying to revert back to the modified auto wiring.

Are Superchips really super chips for performance?

Superchips have been widely accepted as cheap ways to upgrade your vehicle’s horsepower performance. They are also known as aftermarket performance chip. The superchips are made to adjust parameters that lead to increase in engine torque and horsepower. Engine Control Unit determines the quantity  of fuel to be injected into the engine at a given time.

The development of piggyback superchips was borne out of the desire to reduce fuel consumption that will increase fuel economy. After market superchips are also installed to increase auto performance and at the same time, to increase fuel efficiency.

Piggyback Engine Superchips cost between 300 and 700 USD. Some of these superchips can increase the engine performance by up to 30 Horse Power. Installation of these superchips is very easy in majority and most of them will plug into the ECU directly. There is also option for resetting to revert the factory settings when the need arises.

It is no doubt that ECU upgrade with piggyback superchips is a sure, simple and low cost alternative for many contemporary automobile lovers.