The new BMW 4 Series F32 is certain to contain many of the new advances that the BMW 3 Series Coupe brought to the forefront previously. The emphasis here is on the look, elegance and power that is the mark of BMW.



The new 4 series isn’t just an upgrade, it represents the complete development of this cycle of BMW design. This new model brings with it a unique combination of new technology and old fashioned emphasis on power and performance. The 4 series promises to please those who seek the classis styling with more dynamic appeal.



What the BMW 4 Series offers

The BMW 4 Series F32 stands for sportiness, uniqueness and new advances in technology that promise to get the most out of this vehicle. While superficially similar to the previous 3 Series, the new BMW 4 Series brings a longer wheelbase and wider track for better handling on the road. The roof is also slightly lower, but only less than ½ inch.



This new series has a more “low-slung” look and feel as well. The low cabin profile features a character line that rises from the front fender all the way to the rear taillights. One of the more interesting features is the inclusion of “Air Breathers” which are vents just behind the front wheels. BMW claims that these new vents improve the aero efficiency.



The 4 Series also offers engine values similar to the 3 Series in that the Base 428i models have a turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine cranking out 240hp with a 255 torque value. Naturally, the upgraded models feature the larger 300hp, 3.0 liter engine with either eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission.



Safety Features

There are a number of newer safety features offered such as the pedestrian collision alert, blind-spot protection, automatic high beams, lane departure warning, a 360 camera and top view parking camera and a full color head up display so you don’t take your eyes off the road. There is even integration with smartphones to reduce distraction.



Carbon Fiber Technology

The addition of new carbon fiber parts has allow the 4 series to reach greater speed, maneuverability and overall performance compared to the older metal-based parts of the past. Carbon fiber has come a long way in the past decade thanks to new advances in the production process. Compared to steel, carbon fiber is basically twice as hard while weighing about 1/5th as much. Plus, carbon fiber is more impact resistant as well. This means that the BMW 4 Series has more torque and greater overall performance because the vehicle itself weighs less than if it had steel parts instead.  



The new 2014 BMW 4 Series F32 is due to be initially released in the fall of 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany with a convertible model of this series being released shortly afterwards. The emphasis on style, comfort, safety and performance will now be available to the general public for this all new model of BMW 4 Series F32.



(Photo Credit: BMW AG, Munich, Germany)